Dead Composers, Living Audiences: The Situation of Classical Music in the Twenty-First Century

by Gerald L. Phillips

Table of Contents



Introduction: The Stakes

Chapter One: Diction: A Rhapsody

Chapter Two: Singing, Creativity, and Courage

Chapter Three: A Modest Proposal

Chapter Four: Words and Words, Words and the World: Intertextuality

Chapter Five: Music and Words I: Musik?

Chapter Six: Music and Words II: Nietzsche and the Birth of Tragedy

Chapter Seven: Science and Paradigms

Chapter Eight: Science and Music: Paradigms and “Normal Practitioners”

Chapter Nine: Einstein and Schoenberg: The Move to Radical Abstraction

Chapter Ten: Modernism and the “End” of Paradigms

Chapter Eleven: Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Reproduction of Distraction

Chapter Twelve: Self, Difference, and Reconciliation


Appendix: Improvising the Future




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