Legacy in Dance Education: Essays and Interviews on Values, Practices, and People

by Thomas K. Hagood

Table of Contents




Chapter One: Legacy and Dance in Education (Thomas K. Hagood)

Chapter Two: Legacy for Dance as a Discipline, 1917–1967

Margaret H’Doubler, Martha Hill, and Alma Hawkins (Thomas K. Hagood)

Dance as a Discipline: Keynote Address to the Dance Division of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, June 21, 1965 (Alma M. Hawkins)

Chapter Three: Pioneers of Dance Education

Margaret Erlanger Remembered (John M. Wilson)

Bay Area Dance Educators (Joanna Gewertz Harris)

The Legacy of Margaret Elizabeth Small Mains: Wyoming Dance Education Pioneer (Marcia L. Lloyd)

Hanny Kolm Exiner: Dancer, Philosopher, and Visionary Educator (Karen Bond)

Chapter Four: The Legacy of Personal Challenge

“Learn Everything That’s Offered You”: An Interview with Helene Scheff (Thomas K. Hagood)

Memories and Movement: The Dance Legacy of the Hampton Institute (Lynnette Young Overby)

Chapter Five: The Legacy of Personal Interaction

The Legacy of the Wisconsin Idea for Dance (Karen McShane–Hellenbrand)

Lessons from Improvisation or, How to Practice What We Dance (Anne Flynn)

Toward Passionate Thought: Peer Mentoring as Learning From and With a Colleague (Ann H. Dils and Susan W. Stinson)

Chapter Six: A Legacy of Teaching and Learning in Composition

Transformative Systems for Teaching and Learning Choreography (Larry Lavender and B. J. Sullivan)

Chapter Seven: Legacy in Dance Education, Considered Today

A Conversation with Mary Alice Brennan, Claudia Melrose, Anna R. Nassif, and Jin Wen Yu (Thomas K. Hagood)

Accepting Responsibility for the Field: A Conversation with Luke C. Kahlich (Thomas K. Hagood)

Chapter Eight: Legacy and Dance in Education: Reflections on Values, Practices, and People (Thomas K. Hagood)




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