The Availability of Care for Late-Middle-Aged Adults With Chronic Conditions

by Julie C. Lima and Susan M. Allen

Table of Contents

List of Figures

List of Tables



List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Introduction



Key Definitions

Age Groups: Late Middle Age, Young Old, Older Old

Life Course, Life Stage, and Cohort

Functional Limitations


Community-Based Care

Support/Care Network, Social Network

Format of the Remaining Chapters

Chapter 2: Background, Theory, and Hypotheses

Theoretical Framework

Life Stage and Societal Structures

Cohort Differences

Who Provides Care

Gender Differences

Cultural Differences

Risks and Consequences of Inadequate Care



Chapter 3: Data and Methods

Data Source

HRS Response Rates

Advantages of the HRS

Limitations of the HRS

Study Sample


Dependent Variables

Sociodemographic Characteristics of the Respondent

Respondent Casemix

Characteristics of the Respondent’s Social Network

Characteristics of the Caregiving Network

Characteristics of the Two Most Prevalent Primary Caregivers: Spouses and Children

Analytic Methods

Chapter 4: The Receipt of Care

Sociodemographic Characteristics of Persons With Functional Limitations

Does Their Health and Functioning Differ by Age?

Social Network Characteristics

A First Look at the Relationship Between the Receipt of Help and Age

Multivariate Results of Receipt of Informal Care

Description of Receipt of Formal Care by Age


Chapter 5: Care Networks

Respondent Casemix

Care Networks

Age Differences in Network Composition in Light of Respondent Casemix


Chapter 6: Hours of Care

Bivariate Relationship Between Hours of Care and Age

Multivariate Results


Chapter 7: Spouses and Children as Primary Caregivers

Differences in Respondent Characteristics by Primary Caregiver Type

Characteristics of Spousal Primary Caregivers

Spousal Primary Caregivers and Hours of Care

Characteristics of Child Primary Caregivers

Child Primary Caregivers and Hours of Care


Spousal Primary Caregivers

Child Primary Caregivers

Chapter 8: Summary and Conclusion

Summary of Findings

Life Course Framework Revisited

Life Course and Late Middle Age

Life Course and Young Old Adults

Strengths of the Study

Limitations of the Study

Policy Implications





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