Assyrians, Kurds, and Ottomans: Intercommunal Relations on the Periphery of the Ottoman Empire

by Hirmis Aboona

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Homeland and Origin of the Independent Assyrian Tribes of Tiyari and Hakkari

Chapter 2: Church, State, and Social Life

Chapter 3: The History of the Church of the East Down to the Arrival of the Roman Catholic Missionaries

Chapter 4: Missionaries and Their Impact on the Assyrians

Chapter 5: The Kurdish Settlement in Ancient Assyria

Chapter 6: The Ottoman Reforms

Chapter 7: The Reforms and the People of the Book

Chapter 8: The Beginnings of Centralisation

Chapter 9: Beirakdar and the Achievement of Centralisation

Chapter 10: The Subjection of the Assyrian Tribes in 1843

Chapter 11: Great Britain, the Ottomans, and the Assyrian Tragedy

Chapter 12: Tekhoma: The Last Assyrian Independent Province

Chapter 13: The End of the Kurdish Wars

Chapter 14: Conclusion





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