Archaeoastronomy in East Asia: Historical Observational Records of Comets and Meteor Showers from China, Japan, and Korea

by David Pankenier, Zhentao Xu, and Yaotiao Jiang

Table of Contents


Part 1: Comets

1.1. Ancient East Asian Observations of Comets

1.2. Notes on the Translations

1.3. Research on Cometary Records

1.4. East Asian Records of Comets

Part 2: Meteor Showers

2.1. Ancient East Asian Observations of Meteor Showers

2.2. Research on Meteor Shower Records

2.3. East Asian Records of Meteor Showers


1. Chinese and Western Names of Stars and Asterisms

2. Azimuth and Time Indications in Ancient Chinese Astronomical Records

3. Dynastic Capitals of China, Japan, and Korea

4. Chinese-Western Star Maps

5. Original Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Records


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