Andragogical Instruction for Effective Police Training

by Robert F. Vodde

Table of Contents


Background of the Problem

The Institutionalization of American Policing

Historical Development of America’s Police

Social Paradigm Shifts

Changing Expectations in Police Competencies

Police Training: Purpose and Implications

Changes in Training Methodologies: Traditional and Andragogical

The Traditional Model

Andragogy: An Alternative Methodology

Statement of the Problem

Research Questions and Hypotheses

Limitations the Study

Chapter 1: Background

Learning, Education, and Training

Concepts of Learning

Concepts of Education

Concepts of Training

Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Theories of Learning

Behavioral Theories

Cognitive Theories

Humanistic Learning and Motivation

Experiential Learning

Social Learning

Adult Learning and Education

Development of Adult Education


Pedagogy Versus Andragogy

The Origins of Andragogy

Andragogical Assumptions

Andragogy: A Process Model

Chapter 2: Research Design and Methodology

Conceptualization and Operationalization



Sample Design and Population

Sampling Procedure

Sample Population

Selecting and Gaining Access to Police Academies

Control Group Academy

Experimental Group Academy

Securing Administrative and Faculty Approval

Research Design and Methodology

Means of Measurement

Instruments of Measurement

Data Analysis


Research Validity

Chapter 3: Results

Part I: Qualitative Analysis and Findings


Director Interviews: Control Group Academy

Director Interviews: Experimental Group Academy

Recruit Interviews and Responses to Open-Ended Questions

Part II: Quantitative Analysis

Analysis of Demographic Data

Analysis of Questionnaires

Analysis of Problem-Based Learning Assessments

Interpretation and Findings

Descriptive Analysis and Findings of Questionnaires

Research Question Findings

Chapter 4: Discussion and Conclusion


Thematic and Categorical Constructs

Summary and Conclusions





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