Antifeminism and the Victorian Novel: Rereading Nineteenth-Century Women Writers

by Tamara Wagner

Table of Contents

Introduction: Narratives of Victorian Antifeminism (Tamara S. Wagner)

Chapter One: Feminism and the Canon: Recovery and Reconsideration of Popular Novelists (Pamela K. Gilbert)

Chapter Two: Marketing Antifeminism: Eliza Lynn Linton’s “Wild Women” Series and the Possibilities of Periodical Signature (Susan Hamilton)

Chapter Three: “The Inferiority of Women”: Complicating Charlotte Yonge’s Perception of Girlhood in The Monthly Packet (Kristine Moruzi)

Chapter Four: Domestic History and the Idea of the Nation in Charlotte Yonge’s The Heir of Redclyffe (Lynn Shakinovsky)

Chapter Five: Maiden Pairs: The Sororal Romance in The Clever Woman of the Family (Talia Schaffer)

Chapter Six: Cross-Gendering the Underwoods: Christian Subjection in Charlotte Yonge’s Pillars of the House (Elizabeth Juckett)

Chapter Seven: Marriage Plots and “Matters of More Importance”: Sensationalising Self-Sacrifice in Victorian Domestic Fiction (Tamara S. Wagner)

Chapter Eight: An “original and unlooked-for ending”?: Irony, the Marriage Plot, and the Antifeminism Debate in Oliphant’s Miss Marjoribanks (Amy J. Robinson)

Chapter Nine: Ghosts in the House: Margaret Oliphant’s Uncanny Response to Feminist Success (Leila Walker)

Chapter Ten: The Female Confessor: Confession and Shifting Domains of Discourse in Margaret Oliphant’s Salem Chapel (Heather Milton)

Chapter Eleven: Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Secret: An Antifeminist Amongst the New Women (Kate Mattacks)

Chapter Twelve: Idle Vampires and Decadent Maidens: Sensation, the Supernatural, and Mary E. Braddon’s Disappointing Femmes Fatales (Heather L. Braun)

Chapter Thirteen: John Halifax, Gentleman: A Counter Story (Kiran Mascarenhas)

Chapter Fourteen: Annesley Kenealy and Sarah Grand: Biopower and the Limits of the New Woman (Ann-Barbara Graff)

Chapter Fifteen: Ignoring the New Woman: Ten Years of a Victorian Weekly Fiction Magazine (Kate Macdonald)

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