The Evolution of Aesthetic and Expressive Dance in Boston

by Jody Weber

Table of Contents

List of Plates



Chapter 1: The Uncorseted Bostonian: Health, Physical Culture, and Dress Reform for Women in Nineteenth-Century Boston

Chapter 2: Physical Culture and Expression Collide: Delsartism in Boston

Chapter 3: The Brahmins, the Braggiottis, and Barefoot Dance in Boston

Chapter 4: The Braggiotti Denishawn School

Chapter 5: New Forms: German Expressionist Dance in Boston

Chapter 6: Hans Weiner: Regional Ambassador for Dance

Chapter 7: Miriam Winslow: Articulating the Essence of Her Art

Chapter 8: Winslow’s Choreographic Passions: National and International Touring

Chapter 9: A Dialogue on Dance Education: Boston and Beyond

Chapter 10: Conclusion





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