Commodore Robert F. Stockton, 1795–1866: Protean Man for a Protean Nation

by R. John Brockmann

Table of Contents

List of Figures


Chapter 1: Educating Stockton

Chapter 2: Stockton’s First Acts of “Creative Disobedience” in Command: 1820–1822

Chapter 3: Stockton’s Climb to Power: 1822–1843

Chapter 4: Stockton’s Technology Duel, 1844

Chapter 5: Jumping the Gun, 1844–1845

Chapter 6: Stockton’s Conquest of California: 1846–1848

Chapter 7: Receiving Stockton Home from the War: Censure or Celebration? November 1847–February 1848

Chapter 8: Duels for the Survival of the Joint Company Monopoly: 1848–1849

Chapter 9: Duels As a U.S. Senator and First Run for Presidential Nomination: 1851–1853

Chapter 10: Railroad and Steamboat Disasters, 1855–1856

Chapter 11: Reaching for Presidency: 1856

Chapter 12: The Gauntlet Begins to Slip: 1857–1861

Chapter 13: The Final Chapter—Go Down Dueling: 1862–1866

Appendix: Essential Stockton Documents




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