Handbook of Prejudice

by Anton Pelinka, Karin Bischof, and Karin Stögner

Table of Contents

How to Live With Prejudice? Preface of the Editor (Anton Pelinka)

Introduction to the Handbook on Prejudice (Aleida Assmann)

Anti-Semitism (Werner Bergmann)

Sexism and Heterosexism (Susan Fiske and Alyssa L. Norris)

Sick, Old, Handicapped––Waste or Treasure of Society? (Dietlinde Gipser)

Religious Prejudice (Rainer Kampling)

Racism (Klaus Ottomeyer)

When Globalisation and Immigration Mediate Class Violence: Exploitation and Resistance (Saskia Sassen)

Prejudices from the Perspective of History and Art History Studies (Wolfgang Benz and Peter Widmann)

Prejudices and Group-Focused Enmity––A Socio-Functional Perspective (Wilhelm Heitmeyer, Beate Küpper, and Andreas Zick)

The Social Psychology of Prejudice (Rhiannon N. Turner, Miles Hewstone)

Science Under the Spelling of Prejudice? The Example of the Biosciences (Dietmar Mieth)

The Overcoming of Prejudice in the Legal Order (Martha Hodasz, Manfred Nowak, and Constanze Pritz)

Prejudice, Racism and Discourse (Ruth Wodak)

Toward a Comprehensive View on Prejudice––A Conclusion (Karin Bischof and Karin Stögner)




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