Reading Blindly: Literature, Otherness, and the Possibility of an Ethical Reading

by Jeremy Fernando

Table of Contents


On Reading: a Pact with the Devil

Part One: Blindness

Blindness Or What Is This No-Thing We See?

The Book As A (Death) Sentence

Blind Ethics or Close Your Eyes (To) See the Third

Literary Theory and the Erasure of Texts

The Contract: Venus in Furs or How to Read the Other

A Question of Reading or “Art lies in the gap between the painting and the viewer”

“What Is To Be Done?” Or How To Read While Maintaining Radical Otherness

The Reader Before the Law or What is My Right of Inspection

Part Two: Reading(s)

Re-reading Miller: J Stands Before The Law

Forever Undecided Or ‘Who Is The Who That Is Reading?’

Reading and Testing: Reading as Testing

Putting J Back Before The Law

Reading Roland Barthes re-reading Roland Barthes (writing Roland Barthes)

Reading (Writing): How, What, and a Secret

Do This In Memory of Me

Only Fiction is Stranger than Fiction

Part Three: The Reader

Reading. Or Just Gaming.

Spinning, Mixing, Scratching, Cutting, Stabs…




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