Social Movement to Address Climate Change: Local Steps for Global Action

by Danielle Endres, Leah Sprain, and Tarla Rai Peterson

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Foreword (Bill McKibben)


Introduction: A National Day of Climate Change (Leah Sprain, Danielle Endres, and Tarla Rai Peterson)

Chapter Interlude: Speech by Mayor Bernero of Lansing, Michigan (Transcribed by Micheal Vickery)

Part I: Rhetorical Framing

Chapter 1: Step It Up in the Lone Star State: How Identity and Myth May Impact a Movement (Andrea M. Feldpausch-Parker, Damon Hall, Cristi Horton, Jodi Minion, Anna Munoz, Israel Parker, and Tarla Rai Peterson)

Chapter 2: Calling All Artists: Moving Climate Change From My Space to My Place (Damon M. Hall, Leigh A. Bernacchi, Tema O. Milstein, and Tarla Rai Peterson)

Chapter 3: Demonstrative Protest Rhetoric and the Boston Step It Up Campaign (Lawrence J. Prelli)

Chapter 4: Step What Up? Rhetorical Framing and Dialectical Tensions in Salt Lake City’s Step It Up Events (Danielle Endres, Deborah Cox Callister, Autumn Garrison, Samantha Senda-Cook, and Julie Kalil Schutten)

Chapter Interlude: Interview with Adele Bealer, Co-Organizer of Salt Lake City Gathering of the Waters SIU Event (Samantha Senda-Cook)

Part II: Modes of Organizing

Chapter 5: Organizing Step It Up 2007: Social-Movement Organizations as Collective Resistance (Todd Norton and Travis Paveglio)

Chapter 6: Toward Just Climate-Change Coalitions: Challenges and Possibilities in the Step It Up 2007 Campaign (Danielle Endres, Tracylee Clarke, Autumn Garrison, and Tarla Rai Peterson)

Chapter 7: A Social Movement Success Story? Assessing a Self-Identified Movement for Climate Action (William J. Kinsella, Nick Temple, and Jim Shields)

Chapter Interlude: Interview with Stephanie Kimball (Phaedra C. Pezzullo)

Part III: Practices of Citizenship

Chapter 8: New Media, New Movement? (Jodi M. Minion, William J. Kinsella, Chad O’Neil, and Tarla Rai Peterson)

Chapter 9: Step It Up and Image Politics in the Pacific Northwest (Leah Sprain, Todd Norton, and Tema Milstein)

Chapter 10: “Smells Like Folk Life”: Participants’ Identity Construction at Step It Up (Tracylee Clarke and Trudy Milburn)

Chapter 11: Environmentalism 2.0: New Forms of Social Activism (Leah Sprain, Nils Peterson, Micheal Vickery, and Julie Kalil Schutten)

Chapter 12: An Ecologist’s Response to the SIU Campaign: The Role of Natural Scientists in Environmental Movements (Markus J. Peterson)

Chapter Interlude: Excerpt from SIU San Antonio Rally Transcript (Transcribed by Jodi Minion)

Chapter 13: SIU and Beyond: Challenges of Scale and the Strategic (Robert Cox)



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