Immigrants and the Revitalization of Los Angeles: Development and Change in MacArthur Park

by Gerardo Sandoval

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Executive Summary


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Looking Beyond the Blighted Surface: The Gaze of Redevelopment and the Immigrants’ Milieu

Chapter 3: Conceptual Framework

Chapter 4: The Narrative Story: Revitalizing a Neighborhood

Chapter 5: Regulating the Immigrants’ Milieu: Co-evolutionary Adaptation in the Revitalization of Los Angeles’ MacArthur Park Neighborhood

Chapter 6: From Warrior Cops Toward Community Policing: Co-evolutionary Processes and an Analysis of the Mechanisms by Which They Took Place

Chapter 7: New Mesoamerica’s Emergence: Synthesizing the Milieu’s Social, Political, Financial, and Cultural Forms of Capital

Chapter 8: Conclusion: Lessons from MacArthur Park






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