Islam and Democratization in Asia

by Shiping Hua

Table of Contents

Introduction (Shiping Hua)

Chapter 1: Islamic Governance and Democracy (Muqtedar Khan)

Chapter 2: Islam and Democracy: An Examination of Muslims’ Political Culture (Moataz A. Fattah)

Chapter 3: Islam and Democracy in Asia: What Can We Learn from Underdog Strategy? (Laure Paquette)

Chapter 4: Islam and Pakistan (Ambassador Touqir Hussain)

Chapter 5: Bangladesh: The New Front-line State Between Aspiring Pluralist Democracy and Expanding Political Islam (Ambassador Tariq Karim)

Chapter 6: Muslim Experience of Indian Democracy (Omar Khalidi)

Chapter 7: Challenging Democracy? The Role of Political Islam in Post-Suharto Indonesia (Felix Heiduk)

Chapter 8: Islam and Democracy in Malaysia: The Ambiguities of Islamic(ate) Politics (Naveed S. Sheikh)

Chapter 9: Taliban and Al Qaeda Suicide Bombers in Afghanistan: Tracing the Emergence of a Terror Tactic (Brian Glyn Williams)

Chapter 10: China and Central Asia: Developing Relations and Impact on Democracy (Morris Rossabi)




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