African Environmental and Human Security in the 21st Century

by Helen E. Purkitt

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: On the Margins: Insecurities in Niger and Chad (Colonel Cindy Jebb)

Chapter 2: Environment and Human Security in the Horn of Africa (Stephen F. Burgess)

Chapter 3: Bitter Roots: The Obstacles to Conflict Resolution in the Casamance Conflict (Major Mark Deets)

Chapter 4: Resource Allocation and Xenophobic Violence in South Africa (Anthony Turton)

Chapter 5: Environmental Security and Neglected Tropical Diseases in Africa (Chad Briggs)

Chapter 6: The Most Vulnerable Continent: Africa and Global Climate Change (John T. Ackerman)

Chapter 7: Terrorism and Environmental Security in Africa (Kent Hughes Butts)

Chapter 8: From Greed to Grievance: Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa (Elisabeth Feleke)

Chapter 9: Environmental Security in Peacekeeping Operations (LTC (R) Brent C. Bankus)

Chapter 10: Human and Environmental Security in Southern Africa: The Kavango-Zambezi (Dan Henk)

Chapter 11: Concluding Remarks about Environmental and Human Security and the Role of U.S. Military Forces in Africa in the Future (Colonel Maxie McFarland)




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