Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Perspectives on the Peace Process

by Moises Salinas and Hazza Abu Rabi

Table of Contents


Introduction (Moises F. Salinas)

Part I: Political Science

Chapter 1: The Price of Failure: Future Directions for the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Naomi Chazan)

Chapter 2: From Conflict Protraction to Peace Actualization in Palestinian-Israeli Relations (Saliba Sarsar)

Chapter 3: The Prospects for a Two-State Solution Between the Israelis and Palestinians Given the Current Situation in Gaza (Andrew Winnick)

Part II: Conflict Resolution

Chapter 4: Negotiating a Historic Compromise: New Opportunities in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Herbert C. Kelman)

Chapter 5: Israeli and Palestinian Peacemakers: Can They Talk the Talk? (Eric N. Budd)

Chapter 6: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution: A Model Based on Psychological and Counseling Principles (Moises F. Salinas)

Chapter 7: True Peace Based on Human Rights Versus the Endless “Peace Process” Based on Lies (Mazin Qumsiyeh)

Part III: The Human Element

Chapter 8: Learning Each Other’s Historical Narratives: Palestinian and Israeli Project: A Model of a Peace Building Project in Conflict (Sami Adwan)

Chapter 9: Academic Objectivity, Political Neutrality, and Other Barriers to Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliation (Dennis Fox)

Chapter 10: Identity Changes in Former Combatants Involved in Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliation Activities (Chaya Rubin and Carl F. Auerbach)

Part IV: Historical Contexts

Chapter 11: Constructing the Myth of Egyptian-Israeli Brotherhood: Ali Salem’s Drive to Israel, the Biblical Exodus, and the Problems of Peace (Daniel Levine)

Chapter 12: When Israel and the Arabs Were Allies (Peter Feinman)

Part V: Theological and Philosophical Perspectives

Chapter 13: Listening to the Other/Inaudible: Levinas and Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine (Sarah L. MacMillen)

Chapter 14: The Religious Dimension of Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking (Yehezkel Landau)

Chapter 15: Jerusalem Between Politics and Religion (Hazza Abu Rabi)

Chapter 16: Hope as Universal and Particular: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives (Sarah Heidt)

Appendix for Chapter 4: Israeli-Palestinian Joint Statement of Principles

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