Water Resources Management in Ethiopia: Implications for the Nile Basin

by Helmut Kloos and Worku Legesse

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Chapter 1: Water Resources Development and Management in Sub-Saharan Africa: Overview and Global Context

Chapter 2: Water Resources Management in the Nile Basin

Chapter 3: The Water Resources of Ethiopia and Large-Scale Hydropower and Irrigation Development

Chapter 4: Small-Scale Irrigation and Microdams

Chapter 5: Rainwater Harvesting

Chapter 6: Water Supply and Sanitation

Chapter 7: Hydrological and Related Aspects of Deforestation and Degradation of Woody Vegetation

Chapter 8: Land Degradation and Water Problems in the Highlands: Causes, Impacts, and Interventions

Chapter 9: Problems for Pastoralists in the Lowlands: River Basin Development in the Awash and Omo Valleys

Chapter 10: Flooding in Ethiopia: Recent History and the 2006 Flood

Chapter 11: A Case Study of the 2006 Flood: Dire Dawa

Chapter 12: Water Pollution From Industrial and Agricultural Sources

Chapter 13: Water-Related, Vector-Borne, and Geochemical Diseases

Chapter 14: Conclusion




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