A History of Daoism and the Yao People of South China

by Eli Alberts

Table of Contents





The Discovery of Yao Daoism

Yao Daoism Before Liberation

The Context of Strickmann’s Argument

Daoism and Sinification

The Significance and Plan of the Present Work

Part I Yao

1. Genealogy of a Label: Center and Periphery


The Jade Radical and Allusions to Immortal Realms

The Dog Radical and Associations with Wild Beasts

Radical Questions: What Was the Earliest Form?

The Moyao Connecting Moyao With Yaoren

Yaoren as the Opposite of Moyao


2. Yao People and the Southern Man Narrative

The Narrative Elements

Jingzhou and the Jingman

Generic and Specific Applications of the Term Man

Panhu and the Wuling Man

The Peach Blossom Spring and the Five Streams

Strange and Impenetrable Topography

Grotto Worlds

Peach Blossom Spring Grotto and Meishan Mountain

The Man as Outsiders wairen

The Panhu Myth As the Basis of Man and State Claims

Taxation and Corvée


3. The Linjun Myth, the Man Inhabitants of Ba, and the Li Family

The Linjun Myth and the Ba Clan

The Banshun Man

Cong People

The Li Family

The Banshun Man and the Pacification of the Qiang Tribes

The Li Family and the Celestial Masters

The surname Li and Dao-ification/Sinification


Part II: Dao

4. The Emergence and Spread of the Celestial Masters

Definitional Domains of the Term “Daoism”

The Early Celestial Masters and Chinese Officialdom

The Western Han Conception of the Sagely Ruler

The Utopian Vision of the Taipingjing

The Taipingjing as a Daoist or Proto-Daoist Text

The Yellow Turbans and the De-Centralization of Imperial Authority

Banshun Man Connections to the Yellow Turbans

Daoism and Becoming Chinese

How Yao Became Daoists: Strickmann’s Argumen


5. Textual Mandate on the Periphery: Script, Image, and Legitimacy In Yao Culture

The Passport for Crossing the Mountains

The Myth of Crossing the Sea

Visual Framing of the Text

Functions of the Passport





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