Minorities and the State in Africa

by Michael U. Mbanaso and Chima J. Korieh

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Introduction: African Mosaic: The Dilemmas of a Multiple Society (Chima J. Korieh and Michael U. Mbanaso)

Chapter 1: Minority Groups and Human Rights in Africa: An Overview (E. Ike Udogu)

Chapter 2: Between Belonging and Alienation: The Indian Minority in South Africa (Edward Ramsamy)

Chapter 3: The Failure of Transformative Minority Politics in Algeria: The Kabyli Citizens’ Movement and the State (Jacob Mundy)

Chapter 4: A Tale of Two Minorities: The State of the Gaboye and Bantu Communities of Somalia (Mohamed A. Eno and Omar A. Eno)

Chapter 5: “Ijebu a B’Eyan?” (“Ijebu or Human Being?”): Nineteenth-Century Origins of Discrimination against Ijebu Settlers in Colonial Ibadan, Nigeria (Saheed Aderinto)

Chapter 6: The Tonga People of Zimbabwe: Historical Memories and Contemporary Challenges of a Minority Society (Ivan Marowa)

Chapter 7: A Minority in the Middle: Ethnic Baluba, the Portuguese Colonial State, and the Companhia de Diamantes de Angola (Diamang) (Todd Cleveland)

Chapter 8: Migrant Labor, Industrial Ethnicity, Urban Violence, and the State, in Colonial Zimbabwe: The Case of Migrant Workers in Harare (Kudakwashe Manganga)

Chapter 9: Anglophone Minority and the State in Cameroon: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Walters Samah)

Chapter 10: The Nigerian State and Multiple Minorities (J. Shola Omotola)

Chapter 11: The State and Minority Agitation in Nigeria, 1900–1954 (R. T. Akinyele)

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