Genus Envy: Nationalities, Identities, and the Performing Body of Work

by Thomas F. Connolly

Table of Contents


Introduction: Rampant Flaccidity or Notional Culture

Chapter 1: Radicalizing the Discourse of Amercan Drama: Eugene O’Neill, The Greatest Un-American Playwright

Chapter 2: From First-Nighter to Essayist: The [Dis]/Establishment of/and Drama Critic John Mason Brown

Chapter 3: Green, “Quare” Nation: Michaél Mac Liammóir’s Need to Apply Irishness

Chapter 4: Cosmopolitan Nationalist: Alexander Moissi from the Hofburgtheater to “People’s Artist of the Socialist People’s Republic of Albania”

Chapter 5: Medals and Mediation: The Performer’s Persona, the Petrarchan Ideal, and Late-Nineteenth-Century Viennese Culture

Chapter 6: The Thing’s the Play: Noël Coward––Haughty, (Not So) Naughty Boy





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