Processing Web Ads: The Effects of Animation and Arousing Content

by Yongkuk Chung

Table of Contents



List of Figures

List of Tables

Chapter 1: Introduction

Purpose of the Study

Theoretical Importance of the Study

Methodological Importance of the Study

Practical Importance of the Study

Chapter 2: Background and Hypothesis

Theoretical Framework

Limited Capacity Model of Mediated Media Processing

Applying LC3MP to Studying Web Banners

The Effects of Animation on Orienting, Orienting to Nonanimated and/or Animated

The Effect of Animation on Physiological Message Processing

Dimensional View of Emotion


Arousal, Encoding, and Storage

Banner Ads


Encoding of Animated Elements

Encoding of Nonanimated Elements

The Effects of Arousing Content on Orienting

Physiological Arousal Due to Arousing Encoding and Storage of Nonpictorial Elements

Storage of Animated Elements

Storage of Nonanimated Elements

Arousal, Encoding, and Storage

Orienting to Arousing Content

Encoding of Arousing Pictures

Storage of Arousing Pictures


Chapter 3: Method


Stimulus Materials

Dependent Variables

Orienting Response

Physiological Arousal






Data Editing and Reduction

Chapter 4: Results

The Effects of Animation and Arousing Pictures on Orienting

Cardiac Orienting to Nonanimated and Animated

Cardiac Orienting to Arousing Pictures

Banner Ads (Hypotheses 1a and b)

Hypotheses 6a and b

The Effects of Animation and Arousing Pictures on Electrodermal Orienting

Electrodermal Orienting to Nonanimated and Electrodermal Orienting to Arousing Pictures

The Effects of Animation and Arousing Pictures

The Effects of Animation on Physiological Arousal Due to Positively Arousing Encoding of Nonanimated Elements

Encoding of Nonpictorial Information

Storage of Nonanimated Elements

Storage of Nonpictorial Information

Animated Banner Ads (Hypotheses 2a and b)

Hypotheses 7a and b

A note on ORs

On Physiological Arousal

Arousal (Hypothesis 3)

Pictures (Hypothesis 8)

Encoding and Storage of Ad Elements

Encoding of Animated Elements (Hypothesis 4)

Encoding of Arousing Pictures (Hypothesis 9)

Research Question 1

Research Question 3

Storage of Animated Elements (Hypothesis 5)

Storage of Arousing Pictures (Hypothesis 10)

Research Question 2

Research Question 4

Chapter 5: Discussion



Encoding and Storage of Primary Information

Encoding and Storage of Peripheral Information

Practical Implications


Appendix A: Description of 36 Banner Ads

Appendix B: Sample Banner Ads




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