Spatial and Environmental Injustice in an American Metropolis: A Study of Tampa Bay, Florida

by Jayajit Chakraborty and M. Martin Bosman

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Chapter 1: Spatial and Environmental Justice in the Metropolis (Jayajit Chakraborty and M. Martin Bosman)

Chapter 2: Superfund Sites and Neighborhood Change: Race, Place, and Socioeconomic Decline (Scott Nonnemaker, M. Martin Bosman, snd Jayajit Chakraborty)

Chapter 3: Drycleaners in the City: Spheres of Involuntary Exposure (Athanasia Fitos and Jayajit Chakraborty)

Chapter 4: Race, Class, and Wastewater Pollution (Ekaterina Fitos and Jayajit Chakraborty)

Chapter 5: Health Risks from Point Sources of Industrial Air Pollution: Modeling Toxicity and Exposure (Marilyn M. Williams)

Chapter 6: Public Health Risks from Mobile Sources of Air Pollution (Jayajit Chakraborty)

Chapter 7: Medicaid Related Health Care Disparities: Inequities in Access to Quality Physicians (Richard Salkowe)

Chapter 8: Rescaling Spatial and Environmental Justice in Tampa Bay: Towards a Critical Research Agenda (M. Martin Bosman and Jayajit Chakraborty)




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