The Green Roosevelt: Theodore Roosevelt in Appreciation of Wilderness, Wildlife, and Wild Places

by Zachary Michael Jack

Table of Contents

Preface: Roosevelt Around Us

Introducing the Green Roosevelt (Zachary Michael Jack)

Editor’s Note

Part I: Wilderness

A Letter on Bird-life and Its Protection (1899)

Wilderness Reserves (1904)

Letters on Nature Penned to the Roosevelt Children (1904–1908)

Nature at Home (1905)

Literary Misrepresentations of Nature (1907)

A Nature Story by Fourteen-year-old Theodore Roosevelt (1873)

A Letter on Seeing the Nearly Extinct Passenger Pigeon (1907)

A Letter to the Editors of The Outlook Decrying Nature Fakers (1907)

Nature Fakers (1907)

Nature’s Smallest Creatures (1908)

John Burroughs and Bird-life at the Presidential Retreat (1908)

A Letter Fingering Jack London as a “Nature Faker” (1908)

Biological Analogies (1910)

Reading Nature Indoors and Out (1913)

In Praise of John Muir (1915)

The Importance of Wild Places (1916)

Life as a Naturalist (1918)

Part II: Wildlife

Youth Nature Diaries from the Adirondacks and Egypt (1871?1873)

Summer Birds of the Adirondacks (1877)

In and Around Prairie Dog Towns (1885)

Buffalo (1885)

The Grizzly Bear (1893)

The Camera Versus the Rifle (1901)

Deer and Antelope of North America (1902)

A Letter on Wildlife in Yellowstone (1903)

A Letter on Bears and Tin Cans (1904)

Mountain Sheep (1905)

The Whitetail Deer (1905)

The Mule Deer, or Rocky Mountain Blacktail (1905)

The Wapiti, or Round-Horned Elk (1905)

Flora and Fauna of the Southern Bayous (1908)

Zebras, Gazelles, and Hippos in Africa (1910)

Concealing Coloration in Birds and Mammals (1911)

The Elephant (1914)

Wildlife in Quebec (1916)

Part III: Wild Places

Through the Wilds of the Northern Great Plains (1885)

A Letter on Behalf of Yellowstone (1892)

Letters on Joining Burroughs and Muir in Yellowstone and Yosemite (1903)

Wilderness Preservation in the Rockies (1903)

The Grand Canyon

The Grove of Great Trees (1903)

Into the African Wilds (1909)

A National Park Service (1912)

Vampire Bats and the Highlands of Brazil (1914)

Animals of Central Brazil (1915)

Wildlife in the Grand Canyon (1916)

The Navajo Desert (1916)

Bird Reserves of the Mississippi River (1916)

Nature Study in the Tropics (1917)



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