Japanese and Nikkei at Home and Abroad: Negotiating Identities in a Global World

by Nobuko Adachi

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Reconsiderations of Race, Ethnicity, and Identity: Transnational Migrants in Post–World War II Global World (Nobuko Adachi)

Chapter 2: Japanese Transnational Migration in Time and Space: An Historical Overview (Harumi Befu)

Chapter 3: We Are Children of Nature: Reforming Japanese Cultural Values in a Brazilian Forest (Nobuko Adachi)

Chapter 4: Multicultural Identity in a Global Society: Locality and Nationality of Contemporary Children of the Japanese Diaspora in Germany (Kayko Okamura)

Chapter 5: The Japón Lineage in Spain: Voices from the Unsung Past in the Creation of Identity through Tourism Today (Traci Abraham and Dan Serradilla-Avery)

Chapter 6: Metaphors of Japanese-ness and Negotiations of Nikkei Identity: The Transnational Networking of People of Japanese Descent (Millie Creighton)

Chapter 7: Latino Transnational Culture and Identity in Greater Tokyo (Rafael Reyes-Ruiz)

Chapter 8: Gender Roles and Ethnic Identities in a Globalizing World: The Case of Japanese Brazilian Migrant Women (Lucia Emiko Yamamoto)

Chapter 9: A Yonsei Woman Becomes Japanese: The Shinjuku Transformations of a Transpacific Japanese American Family (Charles Fruehling Springwood)

Chapter 10: Cross-Cultural Marriage in the Global Age: Young Japanese Women in Indonesia (Masanori Yoshida)

Chapter 11: The “Invisible” Japanese in the Heart of the Heartland: Ethnicity as Local Phenomena (James Stanlaw)


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