Cross-Cultural Communication: Concepts, Cases and Challenges

by Francisca Norales

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction by Francisca O. Norales
  • Part One: Perspectives on Effective Business Communication
  • 1. Communicating Within a Multicultural Workforce by Francisca O. Norales
  • 2. The Challenge of Globalization by Sister Marie Lorraine Bruno
  • Part Two: Language and Ethnicity
  • 3. Indian Weddings, Family, and Festivals by Yash Garg
  • 4. The Garífuna Culture: A Proclaimed Masterpiece in Central America by Francisca O. Norales
  • 5. Multiculturalism in Canada by Francisca O. Norales and Geraldine M. Norales
  • Part Three: Cultural Influences on Communication
  • 6. Relationship-Building Between the Police and Inner City African American Minorities by Concetta C. Culliver
  • 7. Navigating Historical Cross-Cultural Antecedents of Crime Theory and Control by Concetta C. Culliver and Francisca O. Norales
  • Contributors
  • Index


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