William Shakespeare, Richard Barnfield, and the Sixth Earl of Derby

by Leo Daugherty

Table of Contents


Part I: Shakespeare, Barnfield, and the Two Brothers

Chapter 1: Barnfield’s Ganymede

Chapter 2: William Stanley as the Honored Man Promised Future Praise

Chapter 3: Barnfield’s Amintas

Part II: The Shakespeare-Barnfield Dialogue

Prefatory Note

Chapter 4: Enter Shakespeare

Chapter 5: Greenes Funeralls: The Dialogue Begins

Chapter 6: The Dialogue Continues: Barnfield’s Affectionate Shepheard and Cynthia

Chapter 7: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 86, Barnfield’s Sonnet V, and Barnfield’s Apparent Victory

Chapter 8: Three Larger Elements: Barnfield’s and Shakespeare’s Analogous Denigrations of Blackness, Cosmetics, and Flattery

Chapter 9: Paul Hammond’s Dialogic Evidence

Chapter 10: Palpable Hits: Tabulation and Analysis

Chapter 11: The Rival Poet of Shake-speares Sonnets

Part III: Leftover Problems

Chapter 12: Brother Against Brother

Chapter 13: Shakespeare’s Dark Lady Sonnets

Chapter 14: Implications for the Dating of Shakespeare’s Sonnets








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