Thomas Traherne and the Felicities of the Mind

by James Balakier

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Thomas Traherne, Hobbism, and the Seventeenth-Century Sciences: “Handmaids” to Felicity

Chapter 2: “Experience will make it Plain” (4.46): The Centuries

Chapter 3: “[T]he Light That maketh Heaven” (“The Preparative” ll. 57–58): The Dobell Sequence

Chapter 4: The Role of Felicity in the Non-Dobell Burney Poems, Christian Ethicks, and Commentaries of Heaven

Chapter 5: The Lambeth Manuscript: Four Rediscovered Traherne Texts

Chapter 6: Conclusion: Traherne, Husserl, and a Precognitive State


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