Margaret H’Doubler: The Legacy of America's Dance Education Pioneer

by John Wilson, Thomas Hagood, and Mary Alice Brennan

Table of Contents

Foreword (Luke C. Kahlich)

Preface (John M. Wilson)

PART I : Margaret H’Doubler Remembered

Introduction to Part One: Remembering Miss H’Doubler (Thomas K. Hagood)

1. H’Doubler on H’Doubler

2. The Early Years, 1928-1932: Interviews with Hermine Sautoff Davidson (Thomas K. Hagood & Mary A. Brennan)

Rhythmic Approach to the Creating of a Movement (Margaret H’Doubler)

3. The Middle Years, 1932-1942: Interviews with Elizabeth R. (Thomas K. Hagood & Marcia L. Lloyd )

Concerning the Kinesthetic Approach to Movement Education (Margaret H’Doubler)

4. The Latter Years, 1945-1954: Interview with Joan Woodbury (Marcia L. Lloyd)

Essentials of Knowledge for a Teacher of Dance and Physical Education (Margaret H’Doubler)

5. Two Students Remember “Miss Huh-Dee”: An Interview with Betty Toman (John M. Wilson)

Introduction to Dance (Margaret H’Doubler)

6. Remembering Margaret H’Doubler: A Roundtable Discussion (Thomas K. Hagood)

Modern Dance (Margaret H’Doubler)

Part I Notes

PART II : The Thought of Margaret H’Doubler

Introduction: The Thought of Margaret H’Doubler: A Critical Analysis (John M. Wilson)

7. The Lore of Lathrop Hall (John M. Wilson)

8. A Way of Thinking (Margaret H’Doubler)

9. Sport Like Dance: A Creative Art (Donna Mae Miller)

10. Margaret H’Doubler’s Ideas on the Role of Dance in Education (Mary Ann Brehm)

11. The Function of Music and Rhythm in Dance: H’Doubler’s View in Retrospect (Judith B. Alter)

12. A Theory of Rhythmic Ability as Inspired by the Writings and Sayings of Margaret H’Doubler (F. Mary Fee)

13. Overview (Marian Van Tuyl Campbell)

14. Explorations of Personal Style: Insights from a Dance Therapist (Joanna Gewertz Harris)

15. On Learning to Move Oneself (Maxine Sheets Johnstone)

16. Margaret H’Doubler and Rudolf Laban: Theoretical Ties that Bind (Mary A. Brennan)

17. Margaret H’Doubler’s Mottos in Context (John M. Wilson)

18. Epilogue (John M. Wilson, Thomas K Hagood, & Mary A. Brennan)

Part II Notes

Appendix I Margaret H’Doubler’s Movement Charts

Appendix II Margaret H’Doubler’s Personal Data Sheet





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