The Demimonde in Japanese Literature: Sexuality and the Literary Karyûkai

by Cynthia Gralla

Table of Contents


Introduction: The Demimonde as Genre, Metaphor, and Space

Chapter 1: Distance, Containment, and Connoisseurship: The Privately Dying Demimondes of Bokutô kidan and “‘Iki’ no kôzo

Chapter 2: The Dream Girls and Intoxication of an Expanding Empire: Dissolving Boundaries and Exotic Fetishes in Okamezasa and Chijin no ai

Chapter 3: Exceeding the Enclosure of Taboo and Trauma in the Postwar Demimonde: “Nikutai no mon,” Topâzu, Kagirinaku tômei ni chikai burû, and Bara no sôretsu

Chapter 4: Claustrophobia Becomes Claustrophilia: Close Spaces, Slipping Boundaries, and Internalization in Nagareru’s Shut-off World

Chapter 5: Dancing the Interior Demimonde: Starring Ohno Kazuo as Genet’s Divine and Mishima Yukio as Himself




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