Challenges and Opportunities: The Future of the Internet, Volume 4

by Janna Quitney Anderson and Lee Rainie

Table of Contents



Summary of Findings and Survey Approach

Scenario 1: The Internet and Evolution of Human Intelligence

Scenario 2: The Evolution of the Cloud and the Desktop

Scenario 3: The Internet and the Future of Social Relations

Scenario 4: The Evolution of the Rendering of Knowledge

Scenario 5: The Evolution of Millennials’ Use of the Internet

Scenario 6: The Evolution of Internet Impact on Institutions

Scenario 7: The Internet and the Future of Anonymity Online

Scenario 8: The Evolution of the Semantic Web

Scenario 9: The Predictability of Online Innovation

Scenario 10: The Future of the Internet’s End-to-End Principle 3


A. Common Themes

B. Select Biographies

References and Suggested Reading



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