Situational Poetics in Robert Henryson’s The Testament of Cresseid

by Nickolas A. Haydock

Table of Contents


Introduction: Transcultural Intertextuality and the “Vther Quair”

Chapter 1: “Lyke to ane poeit of the auld fassoun”: The Scottish Virgil

From Text to Work

Career Virgilianism in Late Medieval Britain

Henryson’s Trifold Poetic Career


The Death of Henryson

Chapter 2: “Fals Cresseid and trewe knicht Troylus”: Genre and Poetics in Henryson’s Tragedy

With Unwar Strook

The Clamor of Tragedies

Comune Strumpettis of the Theatre

Moral Tragedy and The Maculate Muse


Chapter 3: “Weddir richt feruent”: Scapegoating and Sacrifice

The Case against Cresseid

Cresseid and Sacrifice

Scandalizing Cresseid

Gods and Monsters

Chapter 4: “Ane wraikfull sentence geuin on fair Cresseid”: Anamorphosis and the Other Book

Anamorphosis and Lack


Anamorphosis and Insight

“Ane Vther Quair”: The Book as Anamorphosis

Chapter 5: “Was Cressid Here?”: Remediating Shakespeare’s Henrysonian Chaucer

What Henryson Really Did to Shakespeare’s Chaucer: Romance Epic Theater

Bifold Authority

Preposterous Discoveries


Works Cited



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