Charles Dupin (1784–1873) and His Influence on France: The Contributions of a Mathematician, Educator, Engineer, and Statesman

by Margaret Bradley

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Foreword by Ivor Grattan-Guinness



Introduction: Dupin, a Man of Many Talents and Contradictions

Chapter 1: A Brief Introductory Survey of Dupin’s Life

Chapter 2: Dupin’s Background and Family

Chapter 3: Dupin’s Work and Contribution in his Early Years

Chapter 4: Dupin as Naval Construction Engineer until 1816

Chapter 5: To Corfu

Chapter 6: Dupin’s Return to Toulon

Chapter 7: Dupin’s First Study Visit to the British Isles

Chapter 8: Meanwhile, in Dunkirk

Chapter 9: The Second Visit to Britain

Chapter 10: Dupin’s Publications on Great Britain until 1824, Resulting from his Travels

Chapter 11: A Summary of the Rise of Charles Dupin to High Honours and the Start of a New Career

Chapter 12: The Conservatoire des arts et metiers

Chapter 13: Geometry and Teaching

Chapter 14: Dupin, Economist and Statistician

Chapter 15: The Economic Situation in France around 1827 and the Fall of Villèle

Chapter 16: Dupin, Politician, the Transport System and Machinery

Chapter 17: Parliamentary Affairs to 1848

Chapter 18: Dupin’s Naval Career and his Last Contributions

Pièces justificatives

Chronology: Dupin’s life and work

Bibliography 1: Works by Charles Dupin

Bibliography 2: Secondary sources



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