The Traumatic Imagination: Histories of Violence in Magical Realist Fiction

by Eugene Arva

Table of Contents

Foreword by Wendy B. Faris


Introduction: Writing Horror: Traumatic Imagination and Magical Realism

Chapter 1: Living with Trauma: The Uncanny Reality of Shock Chronotopes

Chapter 2: Writing the Vanishing Real: Hyperreality and Magical Realism

Chapter 3: Writing Pain and Magic: Magical Realism as Postmodern Fantasy

Chapter 4: “Who Am I and Where Is My Country and Where Do I Belong?”: Surviving Slavery

Chapter 5: “Handcuffed to History”: Surviving Colonialism

Chapter 6: “How Can We Eat and Drink When so Many Have Perished?”: Surviving the Holocaust

Chapter 7: “Confronting Ending Itself, Many Repeated Endings”: Surviving War

Conclusion: The Missing Link: Trauma, Imagination, and Magic





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