Doing Archival Research in Political Science

by Scott A. Frisch, Douglas B. Harris, Sean Q. Kelly, and David C.W. Parker

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Editors’ Introduction

PART I: Political Science and the Archives

Chapter 2: Political Science and Archival Research (Scott A. Frisch and Sean Q Kelly)

Chapter 3: Archival Research, Behavioral Reality, and Institutional Change: Historical Methods for Political Science’s Historical-Institutional Turn (Douglas B. Harris)

Chapter 4: Pulling Back the Curtain: Archives and Archivists Revealed (Linda A. Whitaker and Michael Lotstein)

PART II: Political Science in the Archives

Chapter 5: Why Archives? (David C.W. Parker)

Chapter 6: Using Archives to Research Congressional Campaigns (David C.W. Parker)

Chapter 7: The Search For the Elusive Executive: Archival Data Collection Methods at Presidential Libraries (Brandon Rottinghaus)

Chapter 8: Rummaging Through the Attics of the CIA and Congress: How Archival Research Enabled Me to Write a Previously Untold Political History (David M. Barrett)

Chapter 9: Public Opinion in the Archives (Amy Fried)

Chapter 10: Studying Public Policy in the Archives (Kathleen Sullivan and Patricia Strach)

Chapter 10: Interest Groups and Archives (Tracy Roof)

PART III: On the Road

Chapter 11: Hitting the Road Without Hitting the Potholes (Sean Q Kelly and Linda A. Whitaker)




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