Cultures of Addiction

by Jason Lee

Table of Contents

Introduction Jason Lee

Chapter 1: Tracking Cixous’s Medusa? A Comparative Analysis of Literary Representations of Women and their Addiction. (Nycole Prowse)

Chapter 2: Needle and the Damage Done: Deleuzean Readings on Heroin Addiction in Rock Texts. (Atte Oksanen )

Chapter 3: Disorder and the Body of Drugs: ‘Addiction’, Consumption, Control and City Space. (Chris Smith)

Chapter 4: The Normalisation of Violence: Alcoholics Anonymous Discourse in Cancun, Mexico. (Joan van Wijk)

Chapter 5: Sick Fictions: Contamination, Infection, Disease and Addiction in Accounts of Young Peoples Reading of Comics. (Mel Gibson)

Chapter 6: Addiction, Metaphor and Child Pornography. (Adam Stapleton)

Chapter 7: Codependence, Madness and Glamour: Narratives of Women Celebrity Addicts in Internet Tabloids. (Matilda Hellman and Varpu Rantala)

Chapter 8. Strange Days: Might as Well Face it You’re Addicted. (Teresa Forde )

Chapter 9. The Wall Street Jekyll: Addiction and Meaningless Pleasure in American Psycho(s). (Jason Lee)

Chapter 10. Pain as Truth: Addiction to the Talking Cure in Popular Culture. (Jason Lee)





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