On China By India: From Civilization to Nation-State

by Chih-yu Shih, Swaran Singh, and Reena Marwah

Table of Contents

Introduction-- Connecting China Studies in India: Epistemological and Ethical Reflections on Identity and Knowledge (Chih-yu Shih)

Chapter 1: China Studies in India: A Critical Review(Swaran Singh)

Chapter 2: Role of Cheena Bhavana in India’s Chinese Studies (Avijit Banerjee)

Chapter 3: Buddhism and Chinese Studies in India (Anita Sharma)

Chapter 4: The Chinese Language and China Studies in India (B. R. Deepak)

Chapter 5: Rural Industrialization in China Studies in India (Sanjeev Kumar)

Chapter 6: Indian Studies on the Chinese Development Experience (T. G. Suresh)

Chapter 7: Developments in Tibet: Effect on India-China (Sharad K. Soni & Reena Marwah)

Chapter 8: Taiwan in Chinese Studies in India (Abanti Bhattacharya)

Chapter 9: China Studies in Indian Think-tanks: Strategic Community, Discourse and India’s

China Policy (Jagannath P. Panda)





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