The Classic of Changes in Cultural Context: A Textual Archaeology of the Yi jing

by Scott Davis

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Divinatory Mission of Ancient Chinese Culture

Chapter 2: Spirits of the Zhou yi—An Essay on Wine

Chapter 3: Age Groups

Chapter 4: Framework Questions

Chapter 5: Big and Little Hexagrams, with a Discursus on Carriages: A Discursus on the Numbers 17 and 18

Chapter 6: Two Compositional Devices, with a Discursus on the Mie li Rite: A Discursus on How to Create Sinological Controversies, with Regard to How to Resolve Them

Chapter 7: Some Thoughts about Mountains in the Zhou Yi Textual Design

Chapter 8: Piglets, Fish: A Discursus on the Yue Rite

Chapter 9: The Four Seasons

Chapter 10: Burning Water

Chapter 11: Intertextual Extensions






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