Crossing into Manhood: A Men’s Studies Curriculum

by Christopher P. Mason

Table of Contents

List of Diagrams, Charts and Tables




Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Masculine Biology

Chapter 3 Masculine Development Through The Life Cycle

Chapter 4 Uniquely Masculine Issues: The Masculine Wound

Chapter 5 Uniquely Masculine Issues: Masculine Initiation

Chapter 6 Uniquely Masculine Issues: Finding The Father

Chapter 7 Archetypes Of A Mature Masculine Identity

Chapter 8 Encountering the Feminine: Sexuality And Relationships

Chapter 9 Matters of Health and Spirituality

Chapter 10 Matters of Masculine Diversity

Chapter 11 The Boarding School as an Initiatory Experience

Chapter 12 Summary And Discussion

Appendix A Gurian – Brain Gender Differences

Appendix B Halpern–Male And Female Brain Differences

Appendix C Curriculum Lesson Plans And Materials




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