North Korea Demystified

by Han S. Park

Table of Contents

List of Table and Figures

Introduction: Establishing a Theoretical Lens (Han S. Park with Regan Damron and Jonathan Polk)

Chapter 1: The Culture and Ideology of the DPRK (Han S. Park)

Chapter 2: Fundamental Characteristics of the North Korean Economy (Rudiger Frank)

Chapter 3: Reforming the North Korean Economy (Rudiger Frank)

Chapter 4: The Marketization of North Korea (Hazel Smith)

Chapter 5: The Army as a Main Pillar of Revolution (Alexander Zhebin)

Chapter 6: North Korea and Good Governance (Geir Helgesen)

Chapter 7: North Korea–– Dealing with Irrationality (Bruce Cumings)

5 Chapter 8: The Foreign Policy of the DPRK (Alexander Zhebin)

Chapter 9: North Korea and the Western World (Geir Helgesen) Chapter 10: Power Succession–– So Far, So Good (Alexander Zhebin)

Looking Ahead: The Dawn of the Kim Jong Un Era (Han S. Park)




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