Human Evolution and Male Aggression: Debunking the Myth of Man and Ape

by Anne Innis Dagg and Lee E. Harding

Table of Contents


Section I Primate Biology and Behavior

Chapter 1 Where We are Going

Chapter 2 Who Are We

Chapter 3 Biasinthe Story of Human Evolution

Chapter 4 Our Closest Cousins –Not That Fierce

Chapter 5 Appeasement: Forestalling Aggression

Section II Primate dyads

Chapter 6 Nuclear Families: Working as a Team

Chapter 7 Males Befriending Infants

Chapter 8 Males and Females, Without the Sex

Chapter 9 Male Buddies

Section III Disposing of Fallacies

Chapter 10 The Fallacy of Male Infanticide

Chapter 11Infanticide by Females – Too Common

Chapter 12 Aggression as Culture

List of Scientific Names

End Notes




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