Sexing Political Culture in the History of France

by Alison M. Moore

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Historicizing Sexual Symbols (Alison M. Moore)

Chapter 2: Sexual Crimes in the Early Modern Witch Hunts (Maryse Simon)

Chapter 3: The Renaissance Androgyne and Sexual Ideology (Katherine Crawford)

Chapter 4: Le Pantalon (Christine Bard)

Chapter 5: Strong French Heroine or Pious Maiden? (Natasha Synicky)

Chapter 6: The Colonial Feminine Mystique (Marie-Paule Ha)

Chapter 7: The Erotic Republic (Alison M. Moore)

Chapter 8: Utopian Bodies (Richard D. Sonn)

Chapter 9: The Female Flier (Guillaume de Syon)

Chapter 10: Prodigal Sons of the Nation (Paul Schue)

Chapter 11: Gender, Sexuality, and Crowd Psychology (Mark Meyers)

Chapter 12: Postwar Reconstruction (Fabrice Virgili)

Chapter 13: Cinema, Gender, and Power (Yasmine Debarge)

Chapter 14: Foulard or cocarde? (Bronwyn Winter)




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