A Study of Two Classics: A Cultural Critique of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and The Water Margin

by Liu Zaifu

Table of Contents

Foreword by Lin Gang: Reflections in Front of the Gates of Hell

Introduction: China’s Gates of Hell

Part One A Critique of The Water Margin

Chapter 1: A Critique of the Social Justification for Rebellion— Questions about Specific Stories in The Water Margin

Chapter 2: A Critique of the Political Justification for Rebellion— Questions about a Fundamental Theme in The Water Margin

Chapter 3: A Critique of the Implicit Condemnation of Desire

Chapter 4: Two Phenomena of the Joy of Killing

Chapter 5: Light in Hell in The Water Margin—A Reevaluation of Song Jiang

Chapter 6: A Chinese Encyclopedia of Political Tricks

Chapter 7: Degeneration of “Brotherhood”

Chapter 8: Degeneration of Intelligence

Chapter 9: Falsification of History—Sources of the Three Principles in Political Struggles

Chapter 10: Degeneration of Beauty—A Critique of the Objectification of Women in the Two Classics

One Hundred Notes on the Two Classics

Select Bibliography & Index


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