Patronage, Visual Culture, and Courtly Life in 18th-Century Germany and England

by Catherine Tite

Table of Contents

Introduction: Reconsidering Anglo German Courts and Courtly Employment (Catherine Tite)

Part I: Courtly Patronage and Employment Practices

Chapter 1: Frederick the Great’s Patronage of the Philosophes (Ed Andrew)

Chapter 2: ‘The Idiom of the People of Fashion’: Court, City and Courtly Painters in Eighteenth Century Kassel (Catherine Tite)

Chapter 3: Emigre Artists at the Eighteenth-Century Court of St James’s (Eric Weichsel)

Part II: Print Culture and The Public Sphere

Chapter 4: Towards a Popular Family and Patriot Monarchy: The Public and Private Marriage Vows of Frederick and Augusta, 1736 (John L. Bullion)

Chapter 5: The Masterpieces of the world in small pages!: The Illustrated Catalogue of Charles VI’s Vienna Gallery (Anne-Marie Link)





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