Perspectives on Contemporary Dance History: Revisiting Impulse, 1950–1970

by Thomas K. Hagood and Luke C. Kahlich

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Impulse 1951: Dance in Relation to the Individual and the Community (Luke C. Kahlich)

Chapter 2: Impulse 1952: Production (Ellen Bromberg and Thomas K. Hagood)

Chapter 3: Impulse 1953: Dance in Education (Sarah C. Hilsendager)

Chapter 4: Impulse 1954: Dance as Communication (Ann Dils)

Chapter 5: Impulse 1955: Composition (Donna Davenport)

Chapter 6: Impulse 1956: Related Arts (John Crawford)

Chapter 7: Impulse 1957: Dance for Children (Karen Bond)

Chapter 8: Impulse 1958: Theories and Viewpoints (Susan Koff)

Chapter 9: Impulse 1959: Arch Lauterer: Poet of the Theatre (Charlotte Headrick)

Chapter 10: Impulse 1960: Dance in the Screen Media (Timothy Glenn)

Chapter 11: Impulse 1961: The Dancer as a Person (Karen Kohn Bradley)

Chapter 12: Impulse 1962: Audience for Dance (Wendy Oliver)

Chapter 13: Impulse 1963/64: International Exchange in Dance (Anthony Shay)

Chapter 14: Impulse 1965: Dance and Education NOW (Mary A. Brennan)

Chapter 15: Impulse 1966: Current Trends (Linda Caldwell)

Chapter 16: Impulse 1967: The Dancer’s Environment (Bonnie Brooks)

Chapter 17: Impulse 1968: Dance: A Projection for the Future (Thomas K. Hagood)

Chapter 18: Impulse 1969/70: Extensions of Dance (Joanna Gerwertz Harris, Luke C. Kahlich, and Thomas K. Hagood)

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