Egypt: Ancient Histories, Modern Archaeologies

by Rachael J. Dann and Karen Exell

Table of Contents

Introduction: Ancient Histories, Modern Archaeologies (Karen Exell and Rachael J. Dann)

Chapter 1: Predynastic Burial Rituals: Citations and Transformations (Alice Stevenson)

Chapter 2: Structuration and the Graphical in Early Dynastic Culture (Kathryn E. Piquette)

Chapter 3: Sidestepping Belief: Ritual and Performance in Ramesside Egypt (Karen Exell)

Chapter 4: Substances of the Self in Ancient Egypt (Rachael J. Dann)

Chapter 5: Intersecting Identities in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt (Rachel Mairs)

Chapter 6: The Maid and the Mummy (Jasmine Day)

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