Pediatric Burns Limited Softcover Edition

by Bradley J. Phillips

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Historical Perspective and the Development of Modern Burn Care

Chapter 2: Principles of Pediatric Burn Injury

Chapter 3: Epidemiology and Economics of Pediatric Burns

Chapter 4: Skin: Structure, Development, and Healing

Chapter 5: Etiology of Immune Dysfunction in Thermal Injuries

Chapter 6: Burn Pathophysiology

Chapter 7: Pediatric Burn Resuscitation

Chapter 8: Burn Critical Care

Chapter 9: Common Pitfalls of Pediatric Burn Care

Chapter 10: Anesthesia for Pediatric Burn Patients

Chapter 11: Acute Burn Excision

Chapter 12: Blood Transfusion in Children with Burn Injury

Chapter 13: Infections in Patients with Severe Burns: Diagnostic and Management Approach

Chapter 14: Fungal Infections

Chapter 15: Inhalation Injury

Chapter 16: Metabolic Response to Burns

Chapter 17: Changes to the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Burns and Use of Steroids

Chapter 18: Hypermetabolism and Anabolic Agent Use in Pediatric Burn Patients

Chapter 19: Scald Burns

Chapter 20: Electrical Burns and Rhabdomyolysis

Chapter 21: Caustic Ingestions

Chapter 22: Burn-Related Child Abuse

Chapter 23: Pediatric Burn Injury: A Neurosurgery Perspective

Chapter 24: Rehabilitation of the Pediatric Burn Patient

Chapter 25: Pain Management in the Burned Child

Chapter 26: The Psychology of Pediatric Burn Care

Chapter 27: Psychosocial Aspects of Pediatric Burn Care

Chapter 28: Outpatient Management of Pediatric Burn Patients

Chapter 29: Pediatric Burn Care in Rural Environments

Chapter 30: Pediatric Burns in Developing Countries

Chapter 31: Care of the Hospitalized Paediatric Burn Patient: A Perspective from the United Kingdom

Chapter 32: The Surgical Treatment of Acute Burns: The Viennese Concept

Chapter 33: Pediatric Burns: A Global Perspective

Chapter 34: Pediatric Burns in War Environments

Chapter 35: Disaster Management: Implications for Pediatric Burn Patients

Chapter 36: Burns Research and the Forgotten Trauma of Childhood

Chapter 37: Long-Term Outcomes After Burn Injury in Children



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