The Assassination of Shakespeare's Patron: Investigating the Death of the Fifth Earl of Derby (2nd Edition)

by Leo Daugherty

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: The Traditional Story, the Revisionist Story, and the Story

Chapter 2: And for the Golden Crown Award, the Winner Is …

Chapter 3: Richard Hesketh and Other Spies

Chapter 4: On the Road with Hesketh and Baylie

Chapter 5: The Fatal Meeting

Chapter 6: Brewerton Green

Chapter 7: Hesketh’s Arrest, Interrogation, Arraignment, and Hanging

Chapter 8: Queer Street

Chapter 9: Insults and Injuries

Chapter 10: “Bearing Himself so Haughtily Against my Lord of Essex”

Chapter 11: Ferdinando, Essex, and the Throne

Chapter 12: The Day after April Fool’s Day

Chapter 13: Passion, Poison, and Putrefaction

Chapter 14: The Documents in the Case

Chapter 15: “This for Poison”

Chapter 16: This for Witchcraft: “Touching the Death of the Earl of Derby”

Chapter 17: This for Public Consumption

Chapter 18: Rounding up the (Highly Un)usual Suspects

Chapter 19: The Other

Chapter 20: The Missing Gentleman Waiter

Epilogue: On the Fleet Prison Night Watch with John Golborne

Appendix: The Written Instructions Hesketh Memorized





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