Ancient knowledge, Ancient know-how, Ancient reasoning: Cultural Memory in Transition from Prehistory to Classical Antiquity and Beyond

by Harald Haarmann

Table of Contents

Introduction: Cultural memory and the knowledge it transmits

Chapter 1: Knowledge about what knowledge is all about--Knowledge-construction in process

Chapter 2: Ancient monuments and the knowledge they hold

Chapter 3: How did the Anatolian cows reach Europe?

Chapter 4: Phenomena of longevity in mythopoetic conceptualizations of nature--From archaic hunter-gatherers to agriculturalists

Chapter 5: Gender and literacy--The transition to writing in southeastern Europe

Chapter 6: Gender and cult: The unfolding of ritual life in Old Europe

Chapter 7: Myth as cultural knowledge and its instrumentalization in a network of ethnic self-identification

Chapter 8: Visual communication in transition--The cultural drift from Old Europe to Minoan Crete and ancient Greece

Chapter 9: Perpetuation of the knowledge of the ancients--The Old European heritage and its reflection in Greek language and culture

Chapter 10: The revival of the Neolithic spirit in modern art--Cultural memory and the working of subconscious underpinnings


Notes, Bibliography, and Index


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