Philip Roth and World Literature: Transatlantic Perspectives and Uneasy Passages

by Velichka D. Ivanova

Table of Contents


Introduction: Transatlantic Perspectives on the American Philip Roth (Velichka D. Ivanova)

Part 1: American Precursors

Chapter 1: Roth’s Economy of Living (Matthew McKenzie Davis)

Chapter 2: Spooking America with Ellison and Hawthorne (Ann Basu)

Chapter 3: The Frontier, the Dreamer, and the Dream (Theodora Tsimpouki)

Chapter 4: Roth and the New York Intellectuals (Andy Connolly)

Part 2: Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century European Literature

Chapter 5: “Within a Year My Passion Will Be Dead” (Gustavo Sánchez-Canales)

Chapter 6: Between Trieste and New York (Marta Medrzak-Conway)

Chapter 7: “My Whole World Shrank” (Marek Paryz)

Part 3: The Experience of Prague and Central Europe

Chapter 8: “Even the Faintest Imprint” (Eric Sandberg)

Chapter 9: The Yiddish of Flaubert (Eitan Kensky)

Chapter 10: An “Odd, Tense Kinship” (David Rampton)

Part 4: Western European and Contemporary World Literature

Chapter 11: Philip Roth’s Summoning of Everyman (Velichka D. Ivanova)

Chapter 12: Dialogical and Monological Madness (Till Kinzel)

Chapter 13: Rebellion in Sabbath’s Theater (Aristi Trendel)

Chapter 14: Aging and Autobiography (Alice Hall)

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