Contemporary Literature of Africa: Tijan M. Sallah and Literary Works of The Gambia

by Wumi Raji

Table of Contents

List of Figures

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Introduction: Kora Notes (Wumi Raji)

PART I: Gambian Literature – A Background

Chapter 1. Gambian Fictions (Stewart Brown)

PART II: Tijan Sallah – General Approaches

Chapter 2. An Unusual Growth: the Development of Tijan M. Sallah’s Poetry (Tanure Ojaide)

Chapter 3. Themes and Styles in the Poetry of Tijan M. Sallah (Pierre Gomez)

PART III: Linguistic Approaches

Chapter 4. Rhythm in Tijan Sallah’s “Share”: A Metrical Phonology Approach(Demola Jolayemi)

Chapter 5. Tijan Sallah’s Kora Land: A stylistic Analysis of “The Elders are Gods” (Tunde Ayodabo)

PART IV: Angled Shots

Chapter 6. The Ecopoetics of Tijan M. Sallah: Gambian Values and Sufi Presence (Victoria Arana)

Chapter 7. Return to Roots: Dialectics of Cultural Development in the Poetry of Tijan Sallah (Sylvie Coly)

Chapter 8. Tijan Sallah’s “Sahelian Earth”: Africa’s Rebirth (Charles Larson

Chapter 9. Exile and Return: The Poetry and Fiction of Tijan Sallah (Samuel Garren)

Chapter 10. African Economics as a Short Story: Tijan Sallah’s “The Unfortunate Choice” (Santayanan Devarajan)

Chapter 11. Poetry as Therapy: Tijan Sallah’s “Harrow Poems” (Enajite Ojaruega)

Chapter 12. “Stanley Meets Mutesa”: Post Colonial Consciousness and Africa’s Continuing Dialogue with the West (Femi Dunmade)

PART V: Conversations

Chapter 13. The Amphibian’s Dilemma: An Interview with Tijan M. Sallah (Wumi Raji)



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